How to Drink Puer by Education RoyalNY

What is Puer?

Puer, fermented Chinese tea, has a long and complex history. From acting as a principle trading good on the ancient horse roads to its modern incarnation as a globally embraced hobby, this tea variety offers a wide array of flavor profiles. The tasting notes in puer can be affected by several factors, including terroir, processing, storage and age.

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The Q Certification is Back at The Lab by Education RoyalNY

The Q Exam is legendary in the coffee industry The Q calibration course lasts 6 days with a mix of calibrating as a group and then testing.  Students must pass all 22 individual tests in order to receive their Q Grader license.  Read on to learn more about why this certification is important, and some helpful advice from the Q Graders at Royal Coffee NY.

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Colombia Micro Lot Event by Education RoyalNY

We showcased 11 micro lots from the Nariño region of Colombia.  These micro lots were the result of Royal NYs origin trip to Colombia with our exporting partners, Pergamino, this past July.  Nariño is located in the southwestern corner of Colombia.  Although it is located outside the main coffee producing region of Colombia, the extremely high altitude of the area allows for slow coffee cherry maturation, creating a complex and sweet final product...

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