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Palate Development Workshop SOLD OUT


Whether you are new to cupping or someone who cups every day, it is important to exercise your palate to continue to develop detailed flavor descriptors.  Sometimes, the best practice can happen away from the cupping form.

Join The Lab for an in-depth palate development workshop.  We’ll explore the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon by tasting different foods* alongside coffees to expand our vocabulary when describing coffee flavor, acidity, and body (including common defects!)  After broadening our terminology for describing the attributes in coffees and training our taste buds to sense subtle differences, we’ll put what we learned to the test with some tricky triangulations.**

This class is designed for those who have some cupping experience and feel pretty confident describing coffees. The exercises in this class will build upon your existing skill set and enable you to describe coffees with more detail and accuracy.  If you have never cupped before, never fear! We offer an Introduction to Coffee Tasting class to get you started, and we’ll continue to offer Palate Development throughout the year.

This class is sold out. Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on the next time this course is offered!