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Introduction to Coffee Varieties and Processing SOLD OUT

Coffee Seed, Catuai.jpg

Coffee is a unique food product.  There are multiple factors than can drastically affect the taste of the final cup : from what type of coffee plant to grow, how to process the cherries, and how to eventually roast the beans to bring out the unique characteristics of that coffee, just to name a few!

In this class, we will explore 2 variables that occur at origin that can affect how a coffee tastes: plant type (varieties, cultivars and hybrids) & processing methods.  We’ll delve into some background on these variables, and then cup an array of samples to better understand how these can affect the final cup, including some unique processes and varieties.   

It is recommended that students have some experience cupping.  If you are new to cupping, check out our Intro to Coffee Tasting class.



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