Creating the Perfect Blend


Creating the Perfect Blend


Whether we are talking about a basic espresso blend, ‘the house coffee,’ or a dynamic third wave high acid espresso blend, we are talking about taking multiple coffees, and roasting them to create a balanced, yummy consistent product.

This three-hour workshop will take a glimpse into what goes into creating a blend. As well as give us the opportunity to taste our way into creating our own blend. Specifically, during this class we will cover:

  1. Deciding on a Blend – How is this blend going to be served and what do we want it to taste like?

  2. Sourcing – Planning and making purchasing decisions to keep a blend consistent.

  3. Roasting – How to roast multiple beans to create even extraction in a blend.

  4. Troubleshooting your blend – What to do when things go awry.

  5. Students will also be developing 1 to 2 unique blends during the class.

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