Professional Barista

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Professional Barista


Whether you are a Barista, Lead Barista, Trainer or Café Manager this class should help take your on bar skills to the next level.  In this course not only will you delve into the science behind pulling a perfect shot and recipe creation, you will learn how to make more informed decisions when behind the bar, as well as how to set up your café to run smoother than ever. 

1.       More in depth Seed to Cup journey as it applies to dialing in an espresso or coffee

2.       How Origin, Processing Method, Variety, Roast and Age of Coffee effects the dial in process

3.       Mastering one’s milk texture and latte art with more than just whole milk

4.       Working Efficiently as a team both in café layout as well as during operations

5.       Basic Preventative Maintenance

6.       Espresso Mechanics – Each Motion Matters, let’s taste how and be mindful about every motion we do

7.       What it takes for good Service

8.       Extraction Theory and dialing in as it applies to Espresso as well as Filter Coffee.

9.       Drink Building and Recipe Setting

This course is designed for participants that have either taken the foundation barista or have experience as a barista in the industry.


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