Barista Fundamentals July 13 & 14


Barista Fundamentals July 13 & 14


Being a well versed barista takes a lot of practice, but building a strong foundation in the basic skills you need will help make the learning curve less steep and have you mastering a busy rush hour behind the bar in no time!

Barista Fundamentals is a 2 day workshop that covers 5 segments

  • Coffee History and Processing
  • Espresso
  • Milk Science and Latte Art
  • Extraction Science
  • Cafe Drinks and Workflow

Students will have plenty of hands on time on the machines dialing in espresso, steaming milk, and making lots of drinks.

Although this class is a focus on the foundations, students will leave feeling proficient and comfortable working behind the bar at a busy cafe.  We’ll have a practical “exam” at the end of the course for students to see how far they’ve come in just 2 days, and in what areas they need to focus on going forward.  

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