Outside Instruction by Education RoyalNY

The Lab at Royal NY is one of the best labs in the United States.  There is adequate space for a comfortable learning environment and it has all state of the art equipment. The Lab is reserved only for courses, so there are no interruptions from a typical workspace or from other groups.  The Lab is convenient to restaurants, hotels and other amenities. But best of all, the owners and staff are organized, helpful and personable

Cupping Class Testimonial by Education RoyalNY

The cupping classes at The Lab have given us the tools and language for engaging conversations with our customers, enhancing their coffee experience.

It has also given the barista team the motivation to work on continuously refining our palates.

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Barista Class Testimonial by Education RoyalNY

"Before taking the Royal Coffee New York barista class, we had no idea how to talk about espresso or espresso-based drinks.  Now we can have intelligent conversations about where and how we want to develop the brewing side of our roasting business."


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